lundi 23 novembre 2009

How about the OpenSSO's Information Card Issuer?

How about OpenSSO as an Information Card issuer...? Some of you may have noticed the existence of an extension known as Authnicip (for Information Cards Identity Provider) in the OpenSSO extension's source code repository... Wouldn't be cool to issue Information Cards with OpenSSO? That's what this module is aimed for. As for Authnicrp (for Information Cards Relying Party) the extension relies quite a bit upon the openinfocard project to deal with the lower level protocols of the Identity Metasystem. It turns out that this code hasn't been update for 18 months, and that it doesn't compile with the latest version of openinfocard's library any more. A quick review of the code makes me optimistic that this issue can be fixed relatively easily. I'll keep you posted on my progress with some follow up articles that will explain how to use Authnicip in conjunction with Authnicrp, the Information Cards authentication module.

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