mercredi 18 novembre 2009

OpenSSO SSOToken Standard Properties

That's a note for myself that can be useful to others... Thanks to Charles Wesley for the trick.
Also, you can check this link :
Always look at the documentation before asking silly questions...
  • CharSet: ex. "UTF-8"
  • UserId: ex "fb"
  • FullLoginURL: ex. "/opensso/UI/Login?module=LDAP"
  • successURL: ex. "/opensso/console"
  • cookieSupport: ex. "true"
  • AuthLevel: Ex. "0"
  • SessionHandle: ex. "shandle:"
  • UserToken: ex. "upgradeuser"
  • loginURL: ex. "/opensso/UI/Login"
  • IndexType: ex. "module_instance"
  • Principals: ex. "uid=foobar,ou=people,dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com"
  • moduleAuthTime: ex. "LDAP+2009-11-10T20:38:16Z|anon1+2009-11-10T20:37:44Z
  • amlbcookie: ex. "01"
  • ex. "id=foobar,ou=user,dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com"
  • Organization: ex. "dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com"
  • Locale: ex. "en_US"
  • HostName: ex. ""
  • com-iplanet-am-console-location-dn: ex. "dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com"
  • AuthType: ex. value="LDAP|anon1"
  • UserProfile: ex. "Required"
  • Host: ex. ""
  • clientType: ex. "genericHTML"
  • AMCtxId: ex. "6747059ed30ea08a01"
  • authInstant: ex. "2009-11-10T20:38:16Z"
  • Principal: ex. "uid=upgradeuser,ou=people,dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com"

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