mardi 2 février 2010

Update on OpenSSO Authnicip

Last December I posted an article about the OpenSSO's Authnicip extension module. That's the extension to issue Information Cards and Security Tokens to an Identity Selector. I said, the code doesn't compile anymore with the latest build of openinfocard and that I would try to fix it. This was easy enough, so I have done it to the best of my knowledge with no guaranty of course. However, I don't currently have the commit rights for this extension. So, until I figure that out, and for those who can't wait (I doubt it), I can send a tar file upon request.

Don't say OpenSSO, say OpenAM

The news arrived on teletwitter yesterday... A new open-source shop headed by Lasse Andressen- Sun's former CTO for Central & Northern Europe-was born February 1st, 2010 under the name of ForgeRock. ForgeRock is apparently providing a "home" for OpenSSO, OpenESB and Liferay portal projects with the clever intend to ramp up the security integration stack. This is good news, not surprising, and certainly bound to happen following Oracle's announcement to pull "useful" parts (i.e. Fedlet, STS, Entitlement) out of OpenSSO to feed into Oblix without clearly indicating what's next with OpenSSO and its community. ForgeRock says "to be committed to the continued open development of OpenAM (understand OpenSSO) and aims to meet Sun's original product roadmap". That's great! Coupe things puzzle me though... How on Earth can they release OpenSSO Express Build 9 (re-branded OpenAM Build 9) today since the official bits aren't released yet? Or maybe they are, only we don't know it. And second, what engineering resources will they commit to continue the development on the basis of the OpenSSO's source tree? To be followed...