dimanche 27 mars 2011

OpenAM Book Review

The OpenAM book by Indira Thangasamy comes as a new entrant in a series of books that deal with open source single-sign-on and web access management. The OpenAM book covers well the fundamental concepts, properties and core capabilities of the product with the eyes of a well qualified practitioner. From that respect, this makes this book special and worth reading for anybody who intends to use OpenAM/OpenSSO in a production environment. You will learn in great details how to deploy, configure and manage the product in a highly available and secured environment by using the administration console and the sometimes cryptic, yet powerful, ssoadm command line interface. The book is easy to read and well organized. I don't think there are many other books on the market that go into as many real-world examples and nitty-gritty details about customizing the user experience through the console and schema of the configuration and identity stores. A dedicated chapter deals with how to federate identities with Google Apps and Salesforce.com services using SAML. This is of particular interest to those organizations which would like to externalize some of their business functions to the cloud without losing control over their IT service identities and access rights.

I wish the author could have covered more of the Federation services as well as some of the new capabilities that were introduced in version 9 including the Entitlement Service and the Web Services and Secure Token Service.  That's definitely a prospect for a new edition to be written soon!

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